Michaels Coupon – $88 off Arts & Crafts Creative Center by Artist’s Loft

Michaels Coupon – The perfect workspace awaits at Michaels, where you can save $88 on the best-selling Arts & Crafts Creative Center by Artist’s Loft. – Artist’s Loft is designed for creative use, this table with stools is the perfect workspace for arts and crafts projects, sketching, painting and more. This creative hub is adaptable to your needs and can be personalised to your liking. Adjust the height and angle of the table, add more design space with an extended work surface, and store and organize your art supplies in art trays, cups, storage drawers and additional storage racks. All your art supplies are kept safely in the storage unit whenever you adjust to your production needs. Includes detailed instructions for easy assembly. Four plastic levels prevent damage to the floor when moving the table.